Failing Valentine’s Day

I failed. And Im not sad or surprised that I failed. I failed my children; I failed myself, and most importantly, I failed my husband. This Valentine’s Day I did not make individualized cards or presents for anyone. I did not wake up early for any special treats or surprises like heart shaped pancakes or any fun breakfast. I did not finish all our laundry yesterday, so we have laundry baskets of clean clothing hanging out in our living room. I didn’t vacuum the living room, it is littered with remnants of the valentine’s cards that my children wrote for their classmates. I did not plan a super fun day for my husband even though today he didn’t have to work. I didn’t show up at my children’s school for any activities (not that they had any big events or anything). Continue reading

Caroline’s Birthday!

Today, well, tomorrow my time 2/12 is my older sister’s birthday!!! I am so excited for her because this is the last birthday that she will be spending in Japan for awhile. She has been there teaching English for a few years now and loves it, but wants to do some other things with her life as well. Caroline is coming back into town mid-April and I am so excited! I haven’t seen her in awhile now, not in person anyway. Continue reading

We took the tree down!

Today, on January 31st, 2018, my husband and I tackled our Christmas tree together! Not literally, although that sounds like something fun (or stupid) for the future! I got out the boxes where we store all of the ornaments and I brought out the box for the Christmas tree while my husband started taking ornaments off the tree. We both worked on all of the ornaments and then the tinsel (or garland, I get those two confused all the time) and then the lights. My husband actually started taking a random piece of the lights off the tree and said he would eventually find either end of it, and I recommended that he just unplug Continue reading

Taking Down Decorations

I’m writing this on January 22nd while I help my son with his homework and I see right behind him our Christmas tree. Which has not been put up yet. Partially because I haven’t found the time, partially because I still enjoy the Christmas lights at night sometimes when my children have gone to bed. But mostly because we have been busy. January is usually a busy month because it is the beginning of a new year, the second semester of school (for some schools) starts, and it’s a new chore to write down the correct year every time it needs to be written down. For all of these reasons Continue reading