Review of My First Norwex Product

I had read about Norwex cleaning products and decided to give them a try. I purchased the “Basic package” which includes a regular cleaning cloth and a window cleaning cloth. For anyone that doesn’t know, this company manufactures cleaning cloths that are supposed to work with only water, not needing any chemicals or cleaning products other than that to clean the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Continue reading

Having Perfect Teeth

Picture from Pixabay

I used to dream of having perfect teeth. When I was growing up, my adult teeth were growing in when my baby teeth were still in my mouth! For a short amount of time, I had what I and my family called “crocodile teeth. Basically, I had rows and extra rows behind those rows of teeth. During this time, I dreamed of what my teeth would eventually look like when I grew up. As a young, impressionable girl growing up in the United States, I looked up to the models and actresses that were always in the public’s eye. I noticed that all of them had straight white teeth. My teeth had grown in crooked because Continue reading

The Diva Cup Review

**first a warning: This post contains honest viewpoints on menstruation and the items produced to help with that time of the month. If you don’t want to hear about any of that, you may stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!

On to a…somewhat delicate…subject. Women menstruate. And there are many different ways to cope with said menstruation. There are pads, tampons, birth control that rids the body of having a period, cups that women can insert in their vaginas to catch the flow and then there are also some women that prefer to go natural and just let the blood flow where it flows and clean up at a later point in time. I recently tried out a new method (new to myself anyway) and wanted to describe how my experience has been in hopes that it will help someone else out. Continue reading


My children have too many toys. I know this. My husband says he knows, but sometimes I doubt that he does. And that’s why he is in charge of dealing with all of their toys when they end up all over their room and he has to deal with all of the toys when they have to be thinned. Personally, I would “thin” the toys out a whole lot more than he does, but we both had very different upbringings and childhoods. As a result of growing up so differently, my husband and I have different specific values but we do have many of the same main ones and we are able to compromise on the specific values to come up with something that works for all of us as a family. Continue reading

Staying Awake…Zzzzz…..

Staying awake can be difficult. In fact, in my personal experience, most people I know have trouble staying awake without help. That help can be in the form of coffee, caffeine, food, and other stimulants. (BTW, I eat a LOT.) Many people today stay up late checking their social media, watching movies or shows, or just messing around on the internet in general. Many people also don’t get enough sleep that their bodies would physically need. Of course there is no set amount of hours that is perfect for everyone to get a night, but generally speaking with most people, 6-8 hours is usually pretty good. At least for the adult population! Children need more sleep so that their bodies can cope with daily life. Continue reading

Studying for the NCLEX

I am studying for the NCLEX. What is the NCLEX, many people ask. It is the National Council Licensure Examination that licenses registered nurses in the USA. So I already went through nursing school and now just have to pass this one last test to officially get the title of “RN” which is Registered Nurse. As soon as I have passed the exam I will feel much more confident in putting in job applications because I will be done with schooling and such.

For now.

I attended Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) for nursing Continue reading

Metal Finding Magnets

My son has this friend that he made at school, and this friend plays with magnets a lot. So my son and daughter (because they always want to do what the other one is doing) were both bugging my in-laws to get them something to do with magnets. Now, personally I would have picked something else…but my father-in-law bought them both magnet pick up tools (you’ll see what I mean here in a minute). My mother-in-law was not amused whatsoever. She refused to let my children play with them inside the house because they probably would have broken something. They don’t exactly pay attention to much and they were swinging these things around all crazy like. They also would spend quite a bit of time in the backyard and at parks, Continue reading

When I Was a Brand New Step-mom….

I met my husband right after I had just turned 21. I didn’t go out and party hard because I’ve never been that type of person. HOWEVER. When I first met my husband, he already had previous children through past relationships. By the time my husband and I started dating, the most recent relationship (and wife) had up and left to move to a different state; she was definitely not around very much (at all) and it wasn’t too difficult to adjust to mom life. I never really considered myself a stepmom because my children’s biological mother Continue reading